When marital relationships come to an end, the persons affected are in a state of emotional and not infrequently also economic crisis. At the same time, however, there are a great many legal issues that must be clarified:

  • How much maintenance must be paid – to the ex-partner, to the children?
  • What happens with the children?
  • Will the spouse hitherto responsible for the household now have to take
    a paid job him-/herself?
  • What happens with the common property, the house, the debts?
Experience has shown that it makes great sense to seek legal advice as early on as possible. Calling on her many years of experience and specialization in the area of family law, Counsel Christmann is able to provide you with competent and dedicated legal advice in such matters. She strives to arrive at solutions that are mutually agreeable for all parties involved, since a long, drawn-out lawsuit can be not only very expensive, but also extremely stressful for you. In the event that an agreeable solution with the opposing party cannot be reached, however, Ms Christmann shall consistently assert your legitimate claims and defend you against unjustified demands.
    Her main areas of expertise in particular:
  • Divorce
  • Child support and spouse alimony
  • Visiting rights and custody
  • Parental maintenance
  • Marital home, household effects
  • Pension-rights adjustment
  • Equal distribution of accrued gains and apportionment of assets
  • Prenuptial and separation agreement