This area has formed the core competence of STADLER Rechtsanwälte ever since the establishment of the law firm in 1990. We provide legal support and representation for internationally active companies in virtually all areas of international business. This is particularly true for the following areas

  • Negotiation and formulation of international contracts
    General Export Conditions, internationally applicable purchase conditions, or corresponding contracts (e.g. Heidelberg Model Contracts Nos. 80 and 89)
  • Industrial plant contracts, license agreements, R&D contracts, etc.
  • Arbitration proceedings (generally ICC, LCIA, DIS, but also according
    to special arbitration rules)
  • Distribution contracts (distributors, commercial representatives)
  • Foreign branches
  • International M&A projects

We also offer in-house seminars for in-depth training in these areas.

Dr. Stadler