In the area of employment law, we are the partner of trust for employers, executive managers, employees, and works councils for all matters of legal interest within the company concerning individual and collective employment law and in the related legal areas.

We draft and negotiate employment and service contracts. We also clarify all legal issues that may arise during the term of a contract, for example in the case of letters of warning, temporary employment, parental leave or part-time employment, and job transfer.

When employment relationships end, we prepare the cancellation and settlement agreements for you and also draft testimonials, review the reconciliation of interests according to the redundancy scheme, and conduct proceedings against unjust dismissal as well as all other forms of legal dispute before court.

We advise works councils regarding the assertion of their rights and duties in the area of co-determination and in all matters concerning industrial constitution law. We provide support in the drafting of works agreements and represent you in proceedings held before the conciliation board or arbitration courts.

Nikolaus Niebler